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Imagine that you are part of a community that brings peace, health, and joy to humanity.


Guest Post: A Level in Reiki by Misha

In March, I tought my first Reiki 1 class.  I tought my first Reiki class at any time, anywhere.

Sometimes the Universe gives you clues. The Universe began giving me clues in the form of questions by my patients, friends, and colleagues about the …

Personal Divinity Ariel Sirocco

Guest Post: Personal Divinity — The Evolution of Ideology by Ariel Sirocco

The following is the text from a sermon given by visiting speaker Ariel M. Sirocco at the Netherlands Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on Sunday, April 1, 2018, entitled, Personal Divinity The tag line for this service is: “Personal Divinity: The Evolution of Ideology,” Are we co-creators and, if so, what does it mean to be a …

stepping into your 2018 goals

How are you stepping into your 2018 goals? Start with last year’s

How are you stepping into your 2018 goals? Start with last year’s. Most experts say that we quit our New Years’ resolutions (NYRs) within the month of January.  I think we place a lot of weight – no pun intended – on January 1 being the start of our “whole new me.”  Our bodies don’t …