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Imagine that you are part of a community that brings peace, health, and joy to humanity.

holiday food washing

Holiday Food Washing: Make Your Own

Holiday food washing. You went out of your way to buy the freshest, most delectable, foods for your holiday recipes.  And you’re going to use…what?…commercial food wash to clean them? Noooo! Commercial fruit and vegetable washes often contain harmful ingredients and are no more effective at killing bacteria and microbes than fresh water mixed with …

stepping into your 2018 goals

How are you stepping into your 2018 goals? Start with last year’s

How are you stepping into your 2018 goals? Start with last year’s. Most experts say that we quit our New Years’ resolutions (NYRs) within the month of January.  I think we place a lot of weight – no pun intended – on January 1 being the start of our “whole new me.”  Our bodies don’t …

Bring Your Voice to Life

Bring Your Voice to Life

Your voice is strong.  Bring your voice to life. I believe there is a place for your passion in this world. If you think that others have already paved the way, and that your voice doesn’t matter… LOOK AROUND For every aspiring healer in the world, be they chiropractor, medical doctor, spiritual director, energy healer, …