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I have an affiliate relationship with the following companies and distributors of professional-grade supplements, rehabilitation and fitness supplies, ergonomic furniture, and natural health, beauty, and home products. I only affiliate with program that I trust for their quality, coupled with their sincerity of purpose.

Professional-Grade Supplements

DO YOU LIVE IN EUROPE?  Joy Health and Body has partnered with an excellent supplier of professional supplements that ships from the U.K. 

Welcome to Amrita Nutrition. We supply superior nutrition supplements for optimal health & wellbeing.

UK and EU Residents: Contact us

After 30 years of delivering the highest quality products and services to patients via their practitioners, we are excited to offer this best in class tool that serves you in the most convenient way possible.

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EcoCaps, Rix Mix from CBD Drip. Powerful, Effective CBD Oil Derived from Hemp

Active CBD refers to the complex, full spectrum molecular structure of the CBD molecule, along with the Terbenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids that make up the “Entourage Effect”. This maximized, active complex structure provides the most natural, wellness supplement to the body; offering the optimum opportunity for restoration and prevention.