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Services and Prices

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Services and Prices

The following services and prices are offered by me, Claire Fitzpatrick, D.C., and are affiliated with Joy Health and Body.

services and prices


” Relieving interference in your nerve system eases communication between your body and your mind, allows a more normal environment for growth and healing, and clarifies the needs of the spirit.” 
— Claire Fitzpatrick, D.C.

My particular branch of holistic health care is chiropractic.  As a chiropractor, I practice under the name, Fitzpatrick Chiropractic.  It is based in the Plantage section of Amsterdam. The website for my practice is fitzpatrickchiropractic.nl.

I love my job.  My favorite thing in the world is to help people get clear in their nervous systems. When that happens, their brains and their bodies hook up and work together. That awakens the spirit, beautifully.

Each chiropractic adjustment builds on the the last.  Therefore, I recommend that you see chiropractic not as a remedy for a sickness or pain, but rather as the premier way of conditioning of your nervous system to adjust, adapt, and increase your ability to thrive amongst the challenges of everyday life.

The below services and prices are for single office visits, specifically for my chiropractic practice. Chiropractic services are covered by insurance if your insurance covers alternative care. Because they are covered services, they are VAT free. See Chiropractie Vergoeding for more details: http://www.chiropractievergoeding.nl

As each chiropractic adjustment builds on the last, I offer plans of 6 or 12 visits.  I only offer single appointments to established patients re-entering care after a period of absence, or who are undergoing an evaluation of their current plan. Student and child rates are available. Find out more at fitzpatrickchiropractic.nl.

Fitzpatrick Chiropractic

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In 2006, I was fortunate enough to receive my Reiki Healer Master attunement by Master Shibani of the Hayashi School of Natural Healing.  Over the years, I have combined this powerful healing attunement with my considerable scientific and clinical knowledge as a chiropractor.  These trainings and skills afford me a unique ability to to assess and address the health of our electromagnetic field as it surrounds us, that is generated by us, that we transmit, and the vibration that binds us together.

Because of its nature, in a private setting, Reiki is best delivered 3 times in order to achieve your desired affect.  For private Reiki, I recommend at least three 75-minute sessions.

However, because of my years of chiropractic, I have found that Reiki in a group setting can be much more quickly and profoundly achieved because we are producing and sharing the healing experience together.

I perform an on-and-off body form of Reiki in these 40-minute sessions.  I call this form of group Reiki, Tensegrity Reiki, because the healing is both possible and dependent upon our combined vibrational expression of one another’s innate life force.

Private Reiki, 3 Sessions:
€360 (€120 each)

Tensegrity Group Reiki (3+ participants), 3 Sessions:
€240 (€80 each)

Couples Tensegrity Reiki, 3 Sessions:
€540 (€180 each)

These services and prices are not covered under health insurance and are, therefore, subject to 21% VAT. Please Contact Us to schedule these appointments.

Guided Meditation

Meditation is a powerful tool to harness our innate ability to relax, repair, and make ourselves available for desired change in our life, such as quitting smoking, releasing anxiety, and increasing confidence. I offer 30-minute private meditation sessions, as well as group sessions.

Like Reiki, guided meditations are best delivered at a minimum of 3 sessions to achieve desired results.

Private Guided Meditation, 3 Sessions
€210 (€70 each)

Group Guided Meditation (3+ participants), 3 Sessions
€120 (€40 each)

These services and prices are not covered under health insurance and are, therefore, subject to 21% VAT. Guided Meditation Tensegrity Reiki, and Private Meditation + Private Reiki appointments can be combined. Please Contact Us to schedule these appointments.

I Can Come To You

Can’t make it to my office? For an additional Travel + Time (T+T) fee, I will come to you.

T+T fees start at €60. T+T fees are not covered under health insurance and are, therefore, subject to 21% VAT. Please Contact Us for more information and to schedule these appointments.