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Claire Fitzpatrick | The Big Hairy Audacious Dream

Imagine that you are part of a community that brings peace, health, and joy to humanity.

The Big, Hairy, Audacious Dream

…and so much more.

Joy Health and Body is a Dream

I have a dream that there is a place where rich and poor alike can receive expert, holistic health care.

Whether you are an athlete who wants to boost performance levels, the parent of an autistic child, an adult with complex autoimmune disorders, an individual recovering from physical trauma, or whole families who simply come for regular check-ups, this space is the first stop in delivering holistic, lifestyle-driven health care.

Your Team

You have a team of doctors from various healthcare fields such as medicine, chiropractic, naturopathy, osteopathy, dentistry, psychology, optometry, homeopathy, acupuncture, and Ayurveda. 

They use the latest advancements of genetic, imaging, and laboratory testing, as well as the prescripts of their own training, to collectively devise conservative, lifestyle-driven plans for each patient under care. 

Truly Integrative Care

We have an emergency outpatient clinic for those seeking help for broken arms and such, and relationships with local traditional hospitals and EMTs to transport patients who are in need of immediate critical care.

We will also form alliances with natural supplement companies, external laboratories, and community facilities of health and wellbeing that are not members of Joy Health and Body, but whose visions are aligned with ours.

Support Teams

This team is supported by qualified nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, movement professionals, fitness professionals, Pilates professionals, yoga professionals, nutritionists, coaches, and more, who work together to keep the patients on track for their recovery and continued health.


There are facilities to support this cooperation, which include an onsite apothecary, laboratory, imaging, and exercise/rehabilitation center. There are infrared saunas, submersion chambers, swimming pool, and Jacuzzi.  There is also a set of studios where one can take yoga, Tai Chi, martial arts, and the like. 

Healing From the Inside Out

There is a room for group healing and therapy. There is also a special meditation/prayer room where one can go to sit quietly and commune with their spiritual selves, and interfaith ministers who act as chaplains.

Continue Your Journey

There are classes in nutrition, fitness, spirituality, sustainable living, and self-help. There are also classes in art, photography, writing, storytelling, gardening, acting and other creative outlets. 

There is a natural store and gift shop where lay people can buy nutritionals, fitness aids, orthopedic devices, books, herbs, yoga gear, and essential oils.  There is a café where one can get organic meals and snacks and have a comfortable, ergonomic place to work in peace.  In the evening, this space turns into a lounge that features local talent and hosts special events.

Child Care and Behind The Scenes

There is expert child care available, so adults can focus on their healing process. The child care itself is interactive, educational, playful, and healing.

All this is supported by an administrative team of lawyers, lobbyists, accountants, insurance actuaries, billers, financial managers, publicists, marketers, and social media specialists.  We also have an investment arm that supports industries and NGOs that promote a sustainable world. Of course, each professional – clinical or executive — has an associate and an administrative assistant to help.

It Is A Full-Service Wellness Hospital

In short: Joy Health and Body is a beautiful, patient-centric, outpatient hospital that delivers natural, integrative, lifestyle-based wellness care and contributes to the health and wellbeing of the family, the community, and the planet. 

But Wait…There’s More!

Now…here’s the really, truly, disruptive part: 

This Dream is a Cooperative.

All employees are members of the cooperative.  Patients have the option to become members of the cooperative. 

Members of the cooperative enjoy special pricing and inducements towards membership. Employees who move on can stay members of the cooperative as long as they are active patients – meaning, that they use the health care facilities for at least two check-ups within a calendar year.

One Member, One Vote

Employees and patients alike are members of the cooperative, and as such, each get a vote in how the cooperative is run, how salaries are allocated, what the benefits are, and how the pricing structure of services are delivered, and how to move forward in terms of outreach and causes to financially support.

All Members are Shareholders

Because we are a cooperative, we all have a stake in the company.  Depending on whether you are an employee or a patient, and also the amount of years you have devoted as a member, you get a certain number of shares in the company.

If you wish to sell them, you sell them back to the cooperative. Patients who do not use their membership within one year forfeit their shares back to the cooperative (in other words, you have to be an active member of this visionary community in order to be a shareholder).

This Is The Logical Answer for All Of Us

It is frustrating for all of us holistic practitioners that we must defend our professional existence to a confused public that desperately needs our care.

It is frustrating for all of us patients who want to take our health, and the health of our families into our own hands, that we are met with negativity and shame by well-meaning but misguided professionals who believe that their professional delivery of care is the ONLY professional delivery of care that is effecatious.

We are all victims of disreputable reports and shady dealings by the pharmaceutical industry, the health insurance industry, and their lobbyists.

We Can And Must Work Together

Instead of a desperate public casting about from one holistic practitioner to another in an anxious effort at pain relief, seeking answers to rumors that this one or that one can help, there will be a place where all doctors with a wellness vision work together to find supportive answers for the public.  

Instead of seeing each other as competitors, we will work together as partners.  Instead of the public taking a financial and emotional a leap of faith, we will be the logical first stop for families everywhere who are seeking regular health checkups and when a health concern arises.

Together, We Can Shape the Future of Health Care Delivery

Together, we can shape public policy so that wellness care is recognized as the most affordable and logical place in which to invest money and research.

As a community with such a vision, we will expand to cities around the globe and help them adopt Joy centers of their own.  As we grow, our financial, social, and political influence will grow.

In a short amount of time, we will be able to confront and overturn the powerful lobbying efforts of the pharmaceutical industry and the health insurance industry.  We will change policy and public perception of what health care really means.

Disruptive, Frightening, and The Way Forward

This dream may seem disruptive and frightening. It is only frightening because it is different.  It requires that we trust one another.

That’s why it is the most reasonable way forward.

It is an ambitious vision, for sure.

However, it is a necessary vision in order for we, as holistic health professionals, to contribute meaningfully toward a future for human posterity by changing this increasingly unsustainable environment for the better.

It is a necessary approach for those of us who want our children and their children to live in a safe, healing, non-toxic, thriving world full of opportunity.

We Can’t Play Small Anymore.

We are a sick global society in body and mind. Financial priorities around the world are all wrong.

Instead of investing in eradicating war, hunger, and pollution, our governments are listening to corporate doors who want them to increase their funding on military spending, banking and pharmaceutical deregulation, nationalism to divide us, and the exploitation of natural resources without regard to our welfare or the welfare of the planet.

The consequences are already evident, and growing more evident by the day.  Humanity is currently living in a toxic, pathologic, unsustainable state.

Logic dictates that the vast majority of us do not suffer from a lack of prescription drugs or surgery – we lack knowledge of our inner and outer environment, and the encouragement and guidance to live well. 

Change Our Health, Change The World

It also follows that, if we are able to increase the health and wellbeing of body, mind, and spirit, we will be able to increase the ability of the general public to emotionally and mentally address the great challenges we have ahead of us. 

Wellness care can be the strongest arm for the survival of the species.  

If We Work Together.

This is my dream. I can’t do it alone. 

Do you have the same dream?

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