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all processes take time

Sometimes Healing Hurts, Pt. 1

“There is no process that does not require time.” — 6th Chiropractic Principle, Ralph W. Stevenson, D.C.

Did I ever tell you how I came to chiropractic? I actually think I have, but I’ll tell you again.

I was a dumb teenage kid and I …

stepping into your 2018 goals

How are you stepping into your 2018 goals? Start with last year’s

How are you stepping into your 2018 goals? Start with last year’s. Most experts say that we quit our New Years’ resolutions (NYRs) within the month of January.  I think we place a lot of weight – no pun intended – on January 1 being the start of our “whole new me.”  Our bodies don’t …

a true and terrible story

A Lesson For Us All

The following story illustrates one of two huge reasons why it’s hard to change our eating habits: We talk ourselves into believing we are addicted to them. We actually are physically addicted to them. In this blog post, I am going to address #1.  I’ll address #2 in a future blog post. Food is an …